Creating a Raw Edge with Industrial Influence

Middlesbrough is renowned for its steel industry and we wanted to bring this into the store rather than shy away from it. The flow of the store was important so we removed the mid floor units and designed a bespoke system of pillars finished in a distressed metal with the iconic Hummel chevrons. This makes the store easy to navigate especially during busy match days. At the front of the store we designed a window display from breeze block to match the look and feel of the stadium, and left a raw edge to let natural light into the store. All the finishes were designed and considered to make the shop feel like it was always there and meant to be there.

The new design has been really sympathetic to the club and what we’re about. A lot of detail has gone in to making sure it fitted with the history of the club, the aesthetic of the stadium and the surrounding area.

Jo-Ann Swinerton, Head of Retail @ Middlesbrough F.C